Birds and fauna of Sheepwash

Robin. Ruth Adams


The wildlife of Sheepwash forms one of the main attractions of the site. To date around 190 species of birds have been recorded in and around the location, principally by The Tividale Birding Group starting in the 1970’s before the creation of the site, and subsequently during its metamorphosis into an urban park and then a Local Nature Reserve. (The list below is interim and may change on further contributions.)

Many rare visiting birds have been recorded such as dusky warbler, spoonbill and black necked grebe.

Bats, foxes, badgers and amphibian species have also been recorded on the site.

The list here will form a permanent record of these sightings and the current status of the bird at the site. Some of the Tividale Birding Group annual records are also uploaded here. With Special thanks to Mark Sheppard, Dave Waite, and Geoff Williams et al for their information and time they have put in at this site over many years.

Photos, I Carroll, unless otherwise specified.

GREBES (Podicipedidae)

Little Grebe                             Tachybaptus ruficollis

Resident. Pairs breed most years.

Great Crested  Grebe            Podiceps cristatus

Resident. Attempts to breed each year, with mixed success.

Black-necked Grebe     Podiceps nigricollis

Rare visitor.


CORMORANTS       (Phalacrocoracidae)

Shag                                Phalacrocorax aristotelis

Scarce visitor.

Cormorant                     Phalacrocorax carbo

Resident formerly scarce visitor.


SPOONBILLS                Plataleinae

Spoonbill                        Platalea leucorodia

Very rare recorded visitor. First record four birds on pumphouse pool spotted by Geoff Williams 1996.


Bittern                            Botaurus stellaris

Very Scarce. First record 1987 found by Geoff Williams. One reported booming in 2021 also.

Night-heron                  Nycticorax nycticorax

Very scarce visitor, with just one record in 2002 by Dave Waite.

Grey Heron                    Ardea cinerea


Waiting for breakfast.


Purple Heron      Ardea purpurea

A fly over and first for the West Midlands in 2023.

Great White Egret            Ardea alba

First record for site in 2021. Spotted by I.Whitehouse and M. Shepherd

Little Egret 
                  Egretta garzetta

Formerly scarce visitor, but now seen as resident across the site and River Tame.

Pair with magpie on Pumphouse Pool.



Canada Goose                        Branta canadensis

Common resident. Several pairs breed each year, but goslings are heavily predated by other birds.

Barnacle Goose                      Branta leucopsis

Rare visitor with feral birds making the most sightings.

Greylag Goose                         Anser anser

Scarce visitor, but has bred on the site in recent years with low success.

Pink-footed Goose                 Anser brachyrhynchus

Annual passage migrant, usually seen flying over in autumn/ winter periods, sometimes large skeins.

White-fronted Goose            Anser albifrons

Very Scarce visitor, with one single bird in the 1990s.

Mute Swan                               Cygnus olor

Resident breeding pair and several visitors, usually chased off.

Bewick’s Swan                         Cygnus columbianus

Very rare, with first record in 1997 with 11 birds landing in thick fog. Five also flying through in 1999. Spotted by D.Waite.

Whooper Swan                        Cygnus cygnus

Rare feral birds.

Egyptian Goose                       Alopochen aegyptiaca                       

Scarce Visitor .A record of 1 in the 1990’s and more recent of 3 on 10th Feb 2017       


Shelduck                                    Tadorna tadorna

Usually annual passage migrant,1 on the rattlechain lagoon 2020

Ruddy Shelduck                       Tadorna ferruginea

Scarce visitor, rare.

Mandarin Duck                         Aix galericulata

Scarce visitor rare, one in 2020


Shoveler                                      Spatula clypeata

Annual winter visitor, sometimes in double numbers.

A shoveler pair.

Gadwall                                      Mareca strepera

Scarce but annual visitor.

Male Gadwall.

Wigeon                                       Mareca penelope

Scarce annual visitor in small numbers, needs some grazing area’s around the pools

Male Wigeon.


Mallard                                        Anas platyrhynchos

Resident. Several pairs breed each year, but survival rate low due to predation.

Female sitting on the wall.

Pintail                                          Anas acuta

Vert rare visitor, with only two records. 28th May 1985 and a female on 17th September 2014.

Male Pintail.

Teal                                              Anas crecca

Annual winter visitor, numbers have declined, but still a dozen or so winter.

Teal pair.


Gargeny                                      Spatula querquedula

Very Rare visitor. Records from several years ago.

A male


Red-crested Pochard               Netta rufina

Scarce feral visitor. Only 1 record of a male ,back in the 199os

Male R.C.P .


Pochard                                      Aythya ferina

Regular annual visitor in small numbers

Male pochard.

Tufted Duck                              Aythya fuligul

Resident. Pairs breed each year.

Male tufted duck.

Scaup                                            Aythya marila

Rare visitor with just one record

Eider                                             Somateria mollissima

Rare visitor with just one record

Common Scoter                         Melanitta nigra

Several records, with the largest flock of 17 back in 1988. A more  recent one on rattlechain lagoon in 2020.

Long-tailed Duck                      Clangula hyemalis

Scarce visitor with one record on pump house pool, found by Martyn yapp, back in 1990s

Goldeneye                                   Bucephala clangula

Scarce winter visitor. Dave Waite  remembers seeing 3 back in 1987 .

Male Goldeneye.

Goosander                                 Mergus merganser

Annual winter visitor, sometimes large numbers.

Female Goosander.

Red-breasted Merganser        Mergus serrator

Scarce visitor with just 1 record of a drake.

Ruddy Duck                              Oxyura jamaicensis

Male ruddy duck.

Formerly small numbers and then just one adult male which is no longer there. This introduced species suffered appalling persecution in the UK after being targetted by European Union “conservationist” zealots who blamed UK male ruddy ducks for mating with European white-headed ducks producing “hybrids”. This species itself on the continent has been hunted to near extinction by man. When challenged for direct evidence of UK birds flying to Spain in a freedom of information request, DEFRA, a Government body could not produce any evidence of this at all.

“we have no evidence of any ringed ruddy ducks from the Great Britain reaching Spain that have subsequently bred with any Spanish White-headed ducks. “



Sparrowhawk                            Accipiter nisus

Resident. Fairly common.

Goshawk                                    Accipiter gentilis

Very Scarce visitor, with just one record in the 1990’s.

Red Kite                                    Milvus milvus

Rare and  scarce bird, usually seen going over in spring. Several sightings the last few years.

White-Tailed Eagle                  Haliaeetus albicilla

Very Scarce visitor, which was one of the introduced birds from the Isle of Wight. Seen by Ian Whitehouse on the 1st May 2020

Common Buzzard                    Buteo buteo

Fairly common resident.

Kestrel                                       Falco tinnunculus

Becoming scarce. Cause for concern, as brown fields get swallowed up for development, birds loose their hunting grounds.They feed mainly on small mammals.

Merlin                                        Falco columbarius

Very Scarce visitor, with just a single record in the 1990’s.

Hobby                                        Falco subbuteo

Regular annual visitor

Peregrine                                  Falco peregrinus

Regular visitor. Pairs have previously bred successfully in the local area.

Pair on pylon.


PARROTS                           (Psittacidae)

Ring-necked Parakeet            Psittacula krameri

Introduced species, now becoming regular in many urban areas.



Red-legged Partridge             Alectoris rufa

Former breeding bird, now becoming scarce and in decline. Just one record in 2021 on land rear of Sheepwash.

Grey Partridge                        Perdix perdix

Former regular resident in the 1990’s but not seen for several years.

Pheasant                                 Phasianus colchicus

Seen or heard annually.

Male pheasant.


Common quail                      Coturnix coturnix

Rare migrant with a record in the 1990’s.




Water Rail                              Rallus aquaticus

Autumn/Winter visitor.

Moorhen                               Gallinula chloropus

Resident breeding birds at the site.

Unfortunately caught due to fishing hook.

Coot                                        Fulica atra

Resident with several pairs breeding each year on multiple pools.


OYSTERCATCHERS     (Haematopodidae)

Oystercatcher                       Haematopus ostralegus

Fairly regular visitor in small numbers or single birds and  can be seen usually early morning.


PLOVERS (Charadriidae)

Lapwing                                   Vanellus vanellus

Very rare and scarce visitor. A decline in this species is notable at the site, and mirrors a national picture, though Sandwell Valley does still attract several birds.

Picture taken 9/11/2000. H Shelton. Sheepwash used to get numbers like this.

Golden Plover                         Pluvialis apricaria

Many records from the 1990s, when it used to be a winter visitor with hundreds recorded on the old Autobase site, to the rear of Sheepwash. Very scarce nowadays, with birds flying over, picked out from their calls.

Grey Plover                             Pluvialis squatarola

Rare visitor with few record’s of this scarce inland wader, Dave Waite remembers finding one in 1993 which spent the day round the pool.

Ringed Plover                        Charadrius hiaticula

Scarce visitor. Another wader that used to be an annual visitor when there was suitable habitat for waders. No records for many years.

Little Ringed Plover             Charadrius dubius

Scarce visitor, and former breeding species, declined due to lack of suitable habitat.


TYPICAL WADERS    (Scolopacidae)

Curlew                                    Numenius arquata

Rare visitor, not always annual. Usually picked up on call  with a few records of them down around the pools, going back to the 1990s, when the pool was like a gravel pit ,and not surrounded by trees.

Bar- Tailed Godwit               Limosa lapponica

Rare passage migrant. One in 2014 Mark Sheppard.

Black-Tailed Godwit            Limosa limosa

Rare, passage migrant, with some coming down on occasions, when there used to be a wader scrape.

Turnstone                               Arenaria interpres

Now very rare passage migrant that used to come through in the 1980s and 90s. No  record for years, with no feeding habit for them. Dave Waite remembers 7 coming down in freezing rain, back in 1992 in December.

Ruff                                         Calidris pugnax

Rare  passage migrant. Most records going back in the 199os. Dave Waite remembers 1 being down along the waters edge with 7 little ringed plover.

Knot                                        Calidris canutus

Very rare with only 2 records of this wader, again back in the 1990s.

Sanderling                              Calidris alba

Scarce migrant through Sheepwash, but several records of them coming down when wader habitat existed.

Dunlin                                     Calidris alpina

Formerly frequent but now rarer passage waders. Annual in the 1990’s but only a few records since.


Purple Sandpiper                 Calidris maritima

Very rare with only one record of this rare inland wader.  Found by Laurie Allen way back in 1984.

Little Stint                             Calidris minuta

Very scarce migrant through Sheepwash, with only the one record of a single bird in the 1990s found by Geoff Williams.

Woodcock                              Scolopax rusticola

Annual winter visitor, recorded most years. Woodland habitat suits them better.

Jack Snipe                              Lymnocryptes minimus

Rare  winter visitor, much declined on the site.

Snipe                                       Gallinago gallinago

Scarce winter visitor, that used to winter in double figures. Nowadays single figures usually recorded. Has been a bird seen this year 2021.

Drawing by Terry Parker

Grey Phalarope                    Phalaropus fulicarius

Scarce rare visitor. First record on 25th August 1997 spotted by Ian. C Whitehouse.

Common Sandpiper            Actitis hypoleucos

recorded annually, usually single birds on passage.

Green Sandpiper                 Tringa ochropus

Passage migrant, not always annual.

Wood Sandpiper                  Tringa glareola

Scarce passage migrant with 2 or 3 records. When the pool was drained and capped back in the late 1980s, Martyn Yapp and Dave Waite found a bird that stayed a few days, and attracted lots of birdwatchers.

Redshank                               Tringa totanus

A wader that used to be annual, now a scarce visitor, patch gold nowadays. A record of 1 this year on the 19th April 2021 on rattlechain lagoon found by Ian Whitehouse.

Drawing by Terry Parker

Spotted Redshank                Tringa erythropus

Very rare passage migrant, again back in the 199os with just two records.

Greenshank                            Tringa nebularia

This elegant wader used to be annual autumn visitor. Dave Waite remembers seeing 3 late birds in October around John’s Lane pool, back in the 1990s.


SKUAS                                (Stercorariidae)

Pomarine Skua                     Stercorarius pomarinus

Very rare visitor, with  only one record of one in November 1985 ,which attracted many birdwatchers to the site. Found by Ian Whitehouse, mega inland rarity.

Arctic Skua                            Stercorarius parasiticus

Very Scarce passage migrant. First bird spotted flying through on 25th August 1997 by Ian C. Whitehouse.


GULLS                                   (Laridae)

Black-headed Gull                  Chroicocephalus ridibundus

Common Winter visitor.

Little Gull                                  Hydrocoloeus minutus

Scarce migrant, with no records here for more than 10 yrs. But several records from the 1990s.

Mediterranean Gull                 Ichthyaetus melanocephalus

Another scarce bird at Sheepwash. Just a handful of records, but a bird was seen in 2020.A gull that is increasing, so more records should come about.

Common Gull                            Larus canus

Far from common, but recorded most years in winter. 1 on the 14th February this year (2021).

Great Black-backed Gull         Larus marinus

Winter visitor in small numbers. This winter was a good year to see them. The pool was frozen, and they could be seen. 3 recorded through January, February and into March 2021.

Glaucous Gull                            Larus hyperboreus

Rare visitor with only 1 record of a bird in the 199os.

Herring Gull                               Larus argentatus

Common winter visitor, sometimes in large numbers. Recorded all months

Caspian Gull                              Larus cachinnans

Rare visitor, with only the one record of a first winter bird seen in February of this year  by Hughie King.

Yellow-legged Gull                   Larus michahellis

A scarce winter visitor,

Lesser Black-backed Gull       Larus fuscus

Common winter visitor in large numbers, recorded all months.

Kittiwake                                    Rissa tridactyla

Scarce passage Gull, a few record’s from over the years.


TERNS                                        (Sternidae)

Sandwich Tern                            Thalasseus sandvicensis

Scarce passage Tern, only 3 records of birds way back in the 1990s and early 2000 . A family group of 3 one August Bank Holiday (Dave Waite).

Little Tern                                    Sternula albifrons

Rare visitor with only 1 record  in 2003 found by Dave Waite

Common Tern                             Sterna hirundo

Former breeding species, used the islands on pump house pool for several years. When the islands became overgrown with scrub, they switched to the rattlechain lagoon, and were successful there for a few years ,(nesting on the discharge pipe pontoons). Habitat management needed to recover this bird for Sheepwash.

Arctic Tern                                   Sterna paradisaea

Passage migrant, not always annual.

Black Tern                                   Chlidonias niger

Passage migrant, with many records from the 1990s and early 2000s


PIGEONS, DOVES                (Columbidae)

Feral Rock Dove  (common pigeon)  Columba livia domestica

Common resident and often racing pigeons noted on the site to add to numbers.

Stock Dove                                    Columba oenas

Resident in small numbers, 20 were seen in 2020

Woodpigeon                                 Columba palumbus

Common resident.

Turtle Dove                                  Streptopelia turtur

Rare, with only 2 records back in the 1990s.

Collared Dove                              Streptopelia decaocto

Resident species, locally common. Some decline has been noticed the last few years


CUCKOOS                               (Cuculidae)

Cuckoo                                          Cuculus canorus

Probably annual migrant through the area, never common and rarely been heard calling.


OWLS                                       (Strigidae)

Barn Owl                                     Tyto alba

Rare ,with few records.

Tawny Owl                                  Strix aluco

A pair resident in the area. Not common

Little Owl                                    Athene noctua

A few records from the 1990s ,usually from the rattlechain side.

Long-eared Owl                         Asio otus

One or two record’s from the 1990s. The last one roosted round rose Lane pool and was seen by many observers

Short-eared Owl                        Asio flammeus

Habitat change has affected this migrant owl. In the 1990s used to get a few down in the grass. Three spent a time over the rattlechain area one winter.


KINGFISHERS                     (Alecedinidae)

Kingfisher                                   Alcedo atthis

Regular Autumn and Winter visitor. Occasional in Summer. Usually seen flying along the River Tame.


Along the River Tame.

WOODPECKERS                 (Picidae)

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker     Dryobates minor

Rare visitor.  First record on the 8th November 2008,only 2 or 3 sightings since of this scarce bird.

Great Spotted Woodpecker     Dendrocopos major

Resident breeding species, with 2 or more pairs.

Young Great Spotted woodpecker.

Green Woodpecker                   Picus viridis

Common resident with regular sightings through the year, probably breeds in the area.


LARKS                                     (Alaudidae)

Skylark                                         Alauda arvensis

Former breeding species no longer here. Last breeding record came from the tip area to the rear of Sheepwash.


SWIFTS                                   (Apodidae)

Swift                                             Apus apus

Annual migrant with a few pairs breeding in surrounding area. Much declined


SWALLOWS, MARTINS        (Hirundindae)

Sand Martin                                    Riparia riparia

Annual spring and autumn migrant. One of the islands on pump house pool had a sand Martin cliff built into it on the reconstruction of the lake but has not been used as yet.

Swallow                                            Hirundo rustica

Annual migrant

House Martin                                 Delichon urbicum

Annual migrant with a few pairs staying to breed in the area. Much declined.


PIPITS, WAGTAILS               (Motacillidae)

Yellow Wagtail                               Motacilla flava

Much declined passage migrant through Sheepwash. Former breeder,last bred in 1987.Would be nice to get this one back as a breeding species.

Grey Wagtail                                  Motacilla cinerea

Resident, breeds in suitable areas along the river tame

Pied Wagtail                                  Motacilla alba

Resident, breeds in area but numbers way down.

Meadow Pipit                                Anthus pratensis

Passage migrant and winter visitor. Has bred over on the old rattlechain tip years ago.

Tree Pipit                                       Anthus trivialis

Scarce passage migrant

Water Pipit                                    Anthus spinoletta

Very scarce migrant  with only one or two records.

Rock Pipit                                      Anthus petrosus

Used to be annual autumn migrant. Now rare. A tree lined pool is not to their liking.


WAXWINGS                            (Bombycillidae)

Waxwing                                         Bombycilla garrulus

Irruptive winter migrant to the UK. Back in the early 1990s there was a flock of over a hundred birds in the area. More recent a flock of around 20 were around the Great Bridge area.


WRENS                                     (Trolodutidae)

Wren                                              Troglodytes troglodytes

Common resident


ACCENTORS                            (Prunellidae)

Dunnock                                         Prunella modularis

Common resident


CHATS, THRUSHES              (Turdidae)

Ring Ouzel                                      Turdus torquatus

Passage migrant, much declined, not been a record for many years

Blackbird                                        Turdus merula

Common resident


Fieldfare                                         Turdus pilaris

Winter visitor

Redwing                                         Turdus iliacus

Winter visitor

Drawing by Terry Parker

Song Thrush                                  Turdus philomelos

Resident, with at least 3 breeding pairs.

Mistle Thrush                               Turdus viscivorus

Declined resident.

Black Redstart                               Phoenicurus ochruros

Rare bird nowadays.

Redstart                                          Phoenicurus phoenicurus

Passage migrant. 

Whinchat                                        Saxicola rubetra

Declined passage migrant, has been 1 seen this year.

Stonechat                                       Saxicola rubicola

Used to winter here, now very rare, prefers heathland, habitat has changed more to woodland.

Wheatear                                        Oenanthe oenanthe

Migrant, used to be annual, now scarce.

Drawing by Terry Parker

(Greenland Wheatear)                 Oenanthe oenanthe leucorhoa

This brighter coloured wheatear, comes through a bit later, they breed a bit father North.


WARBLERS      (Sylviidae)

Wood warbler                                 Phylloscopus sibilatrix

Only two records of this not so common migrant, one found singing along the canal at Brades Hall, and one found by Mark Sheppard a few years ago.

Dusky Warbler                               Phylloscopus fuscatus

One of the star birds of sheepwash, a one off and a Midlands area first spotted by Geoff Williams in 1996.

Willow Warbler                             Phylloscopus trochilus

A once common migrant, much declined, but still in reasonable numbers. A few pairs breed.

Chiffchaff                                        Phylloscopus collybita

Common migrant, breeds in the area.

Sedge Warbler                               Acrocephalus schoenobaenus

Annual migrant in small numbers.

Reed Warbler                                Acrocephalus scirpaceus

Annual migrant several pairs stay to breed. Sheepwash is important breeding site.

Grasshopper Warbler                  Locustella naevia

Uncommon summer migrant, probably overlooked.

Blackcap                                         Sylvia atricapilla

Common summer breeding species.

Garden Warbler                            Sylvia borin

Annual summer migrant in small numbers.

Lesser Whitethroat                      Curruca curruca

Annual summer migrant, a couple of pairs breed.

Whitethroat                                   Curruca communis

Summer migrant a few pairs breed.


CETTIED WARBLERS                        (Cettiidae) 

Cetti’s Warbler                                Cettia cetti

Rare. A single bird was found on the 2nd April 2020 and presented till years end . Found by Ian Whitehouse, new bird for the reserve .


FLYCATHERS                          (Mucicapidae)

Spotted Flycatcher                       Muscicapa striata

Scarce passage migrant, usually on autumn passage

Robin                                              Erithacus rubecula

Common resident.

Pied Flycatcher                              Ficedula hypoleuca

Scarce passage migrant. Last record of one in 2019.


KINGLETS                              (Sylviidae)

Goldcrest                                     Regulus regulus

Used to be a winter visitor, now a breeding resident. Likes woodland habitat.

Firecrest                                      Regulus ignicapilla

Rare, only a handful of records.


REEDLINGS                           (Timaliidae)

Bearded Tit                                 Panurus biarmicus

Just one record of a bird in the 1990s found by Gregg Evans. Very rare bird in the West Midlands.


LONG-TAILED TITS          (Aegithalidae)

Long-Tailed Tit                         Aegithalos caudatus

Common breeding resident. Bramble is important for this bird, to build their nests. Bramble is not just a mess, as some people think. It’s important food plant ,and breeding area.


TITS                                         (Paridae)

Coal Tit                                        Periparus ater

Scarce resident 1 or 2 pairs.

Willow Tit                                  Poecile montanus

We have now lost this as a breeding species. Rare bird nowadays. Irregular visitor nowadays. Preditation by grey squirrel, lack of old trees to excavate their nests. And other factors potentially.

Blue Tit                                      Cyanistes caeruleus

Common resident

R. Adams


Great Tit                                    Parus major

Common resident

TREECREEPERS      (Certhiidae)

Nuthatch                         Sitta europaea

Rare autumn winter visitor. Sightings are increasing.


Treecreeper                    Certhia familiaris

Rare autumn winter visitor, again Sightings are increasing


CROWS                                (Corvidae)

Jay                                            Garrulus glandarius

Resident with one or two pairs resident

Magpie                                    Pica pica

Common resident. David Bellamy once made a film here about them before Sheepwash was an official Nature Reserve and being transformed.

Common resident.

Jackdaw                                  Coloeus monedula

Scarce at Sheepwash, usually just birds flying over.

Carrion Crow                         Corvus corone

Common Resident, now gathering in large murders between the trees and pools.


Raven                                      Corvus corax

Sightings have been common the last 5 years or so. Sometimes come down on the pylons.

STARLINGS                      (Sturnidae)

Starling                                    Sturnus vulgaris

Declined resident, but still fairly common in area.


SPARROWS                      (Passeridae)

House Sparrow                     Passer domesticus

 Resident found on the surrounding housing estates.

R. Adams

Tree Sparrow                         Passer montanus

Rare. Used to get the odd passage bird usually in October, no record since the 1990s.


FINCHES                          (Fringillidae)

Chaffinch                            Fringilla coelebs

Common breeding resident.

Male Chaffinch.

Brambling                          Fringilla montifringilla

Uncommon winter visitor.

Bullfinch                            Pyrrhula pyrrhula

Resident breeding species.

Greenfinch                        Chloris chloris

Resident.  Breeds in the area.

Linnet                                 Linaria cannabina

Scarce nowadays, used to be a breeding species.

Common Redpoll            Acanthis flammea

 Winter visitor.

(Mealy Redpoll)              Acanthis flammea flammea


Common Crossbill          Loxia curvirostra

Irregular visitor, with a few records in the last few years.

Goldfinch                          Carduelis carduelis

Common breeding bird.

Siskin                                 Spinus spinus

Winter visitor.


BUNTINGS                   (Emberizaidae)

Snow Bunting                   Plectrophenax nivalis

Very Rare. Only the one record of a bird in the 1990s found by Geoff Williams at Brades Hall.

Yellowhammer                 Emberiza citrinella

Scarce bird, back in the late 1980s there were 3 singing males. Habitat has changed since.

Reed Bunting                   Emberiza schoeniclus

Uncommon breeding species, with at least 1 pair present.



Bar-Headed Goose                          Anser indicus

Feral visitor seen with a barnacle goose in the late 1990’s. Also a female in 2021.


Ross’s Goose                                    Anser rossii

Cockatiel                                           Nymphicus hollandicus

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo            Cacatua galerita



Embden Goose

Aylesbury Duck

Pekin Duck

Oozlum Bird                     Carryonus Jungless   (Only Joking)  

Ivor Biggun


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