The Friends of Sheepwash

The Friends of Sheepwash originally started as a steering group by local residents and bird watchers in 1998 with the intention of protecting the habitats and wildlife at the site. This is still the main aim. The group is fully constituted and has previously applied for small grants, organised litter picks and campaigned for the betterment of the local area.

We are a neighbourhood/wildlife watch group in addition and hold meetings and liaise with Sandwell council and West Midlands Police on a regular basis.

Please note, members of TFOSNR visit the site on a daily basis and much background work we do is not advertised 24/7 on social media in the manner in which some groups operate.

We would also add that we do not exploit the reserve or its wildlife for either self promotion of individuals or for business related commercial gain and work on a not for profit/non political philosophy.