A list of butterfly species as reported by Tividale Birding group 1996- 2002 and subsequent observations.


Red Admiral. I Carroll

Brimstone    Goneptryx rhami

Small Tortoiseshell     Aglais urticae

R. Adams

Comma     Polygonia c-album





Orange -Tip    Anthocharis cardamines

Peacock     Inachis io

Peacock I Carroll

Green-veined White      Pieris napi

Small white          Pieris rapae


Speckled Wood   Parage aegeria

Common Blue      Polymmatus icarus

Painted Lady        Cynthia cardui

Small Heath         Coenonympha pamphilus

Meadow Brown   Maniola jurtina

Ringlet                   Aphantopus hyperantus

Large Skipper      Ochlodes venata

Gatekeeper          Pyronia tithonus


Red Admiral       Vanessa atalanta


Small Skipper    Thymelicus sylvestris

Clouded Yellow     Colias croceus

Large White         Pieris brassicae

Small Copper       Lycaena phlaeas

Holly Blue        Celastrina argiolas

Green Hairstreak       Callophrys rubi

Essex Skipper       Thymelicus lineola 

Marbled white       Melanargia galathea


Tividale Birding Group Butterfly lists Sheepwash 1996-2002